Gunung abang merupakan gunung tertinggi ke tiga yang ada di pulau bali, Gunung ini memiliki views yang sangat indah. Sehingga perjalanan yang membutuhkan Waktu kurang lebih 3 jm itu tidak akan ada artinya ketika kita telah berada di puncaknya.

Dont go there if you dont like to get hassle with crazy prices for MUSTGUIDES. The way up is like a highway :) since they built a new temple on top (2016 - 2017). The sign for the way on the beginning of the track they took allready away (forcing to take a overpaid guide ! 350 000 Rp - 2018)(-8.286060 115.407542 = starting point and parking space for motorbikes). If you start latest 7 00 in the morning and come back very late you can avoid them. There are still more lonesome hasslefree mountains in bali worth a visite.

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