Wiihhh kalo denger kata Agung pasti udah tau donk artinya,, yups… Gunung agung adalah Gunung tertinggi pertama di pulau bali, gunung ini memiliki ketinggian sekitar 3142mdpl Jalan yang harus di lewati untuk menuju puncak gunung ini cukup curam dan cukup juga Membuat kaki kalian pegal, waktu tempuh yang di perlukan kurang lebiih 9 jam perjalan.

Thats the most heavy one. It sucks you out the last drop. If you see some monkeys - don't smile they are going on all 4 legs - you too (partly). The usual hike to the summit starts from Besakih temple. That is not a way where you are going - thats a normal waterfall-river-bed made by the heavy rains in the raining season. It is full of gravel, rocks of any size, roots and fallen trees. that is also a reason, not to risk a rainfall, better climb this one in the hot season - about may until october. You have to start at 10 PM to be at the top at sunrise and be able to come back on the same day. Count at least 8 hours up and 6 down purely for walking time. If you are in top condition it's possible to make it in 6 up and 4 down. But then you are a runner. There is another way from Pura Pasar Agung (ca 1550 m). It goes to the rim at about 2800 m. The possibility to climb on half way to the real summit way exists, but only the domestic guides know the way (Wayan +6285237008513 , about 55,-- euro (2015) ). Bring some gloves and a jacket, it can be very cold - its a heavy ribu.

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