sanghyang memilik dua puncak yang berbeda, sekitar 500m dari puncak pertama. Jalur menuju gunung ini cukup curam, memerlukan waktu kurang lebih sekitar 3 jam perjalan.

The womans mountain - not difficult to figure out why.
The internet information about this doublepeak mountain was only about not succsesful stories, so we tried it and i was surprised, because to the Sanghyang north peak 2074 m there is a good way from the temple "Pura Penataran Sanghyang". There is allready construction material on top, for a summit-temple (oct.2015).
UPDATE (2018): The old route was partly gone (overgrown)and a new one exists even with one sign-board. Close to the top i got surprised from a lot of unfinished activities - see pics. Then, if you like - the adventure can start - if you want to reach the Sanghyang south peak 2093 m (no surrounding view at all). The trail is going down between the breasts around 150 m, up again and it is about 500 m long. It's difficult to find a way and a machete is absolute necessary. If you reach the second peak, there is a way down (2015)to the temple where you started. A nice roundtrip with a real jungle adventure in the bosom.

street to mountain start pura sign tree three riyan mang we break tree hat house tiger look down statue altar droneview top top trees top we top altar gif nagel top break drei sign walk jungle machete hello south peak pura fix break pray