Jalur Pendakian gunung tapak, Jalur Desa Pancasari dari sisi Danau Buyan, jalur kedua dari kebun raya gunung ini biasa disebut Pucak Keramat, berdiri Makam Wali Islam Bali dan Pura Pesimpangan Pucak Terate Bang.

This peak is a must for mountain view greedy snapshooters. There is a beautiful surrounding view and the whole trip is just 2 hours walk. There are 2 ways to the top. One from Kebun Raya - well maintained - and one from the north (no parking area by the starting point). Like on all Balinese mountains, it is necessary to be very early on the top, otherwise its closing up by clouds. There is a holy Muslim grave on top (Makam Wali 7) and Niyoman, the custodian of the grail lives on the top .

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